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Quickie Shark in car?

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  • Quickie Shark in car?

    Hi all!
    Maybe a bit stange that I end up here, but I hope that I can get an answer to my question here 🙂
    I'm Krista and I'm from Belgium (and my German is very bad, so, in English!)Allthough I have a connective tissue disorder (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome), I still ride a normal bike quite a lot, to train my muscles to support my weak joints. It does not prevent however that I regularly end up in the hospital for surgery. Within a few weeks, I get my next knee operation, and after that I'm not allowed to cycle for about 2 months.
    I was looking for an alternative for the car, and I ended up finding a rental handbike! I'm really happy about this 🙂
    But: I have a rather small car, and I'm not sure if it will fit inside? I would need to transport the bike to and from my home. The people who rent the handbike, a Quickie Shark, say it can be deconnected into 2 pieces, but cannot give me more details about how big it is then? Will it fit in a VW Polo? Can anyone tell me?
    Thx in advance and keep up the good spirit, cycling rules!
  • shark in a Polo?

    You want to have a look at [url=http://www.quickie-wheelchairs.com/products/Quickie-Shark-3093.html]this page[/url]
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